What Insurance For Employees Can Companies Offer?

See in this article how insurance for employees can help your business.

Every good organization wants to retain talent and increase the employee happiness rate. After all, it is the people who make every business possible. For this, several companies found the ideal solution in offering good benefits to employees.

When a company shows care for employees, teams feel more valued and work with greater motivation to help the business grow. Actions like this have generated positive results in companies from all segments of the world.

If you have questions about which employee insurance to hire for your company, rest assured! We brought in this post the main options to get you right in the choice. Check out!

Life insurance

Life insurance

This type of insurance guarantees reimbursement to the beneficiaries and family of the insured in case of death. Some models also cover guarantees in case of permanent disability of the employee.

Life insurance are great motivators of employees. This is because they work with the peace of mind that if something happens to them, the family will not be helpless and they can count on extra income for a certain period.

Health insurance

Good medical and hospital care is a great advantage not only for the employee – who knows that he can count on a benefit that takes care of his health and safety – but also for the company, which notes greater capture and retention of his talents. All this without counting on the increase of the productivity, since they diminish the chances of the collaborator to lack because of disease.

Companies can adopt insurance of a variety of types, encompassing different features and procedures. Some examples are outpatient, dental, hospital, hospital with obstetrics and referral plans (which usually includes all others).

Social security insurance

Social security insurance

Social security insurance is one way of showing that the company cares about the future of employees. While the company is differentiated by its compensation policies, employees and their families gain even more professional achievement and financial security.

Helping to secure the assets of team members is a great incentive for them to work happier in the present and realize their dreams in the future.

Dental insurance

Dental plans for companies are certainly a benefit well-seen from the perspective of employees. This type of insurance, which has low monetary value, offers direct advantages in the production of the teams, such as reduction in the number of absences, increase of satisfaction and quality of life, decrease of presenteism, improvement in health, among others.

This is also a benefit that ends up contributing to the control of the loss ratio of health care plans, as it combats and even prevents systemic diseases.

Worksite Insurance

Worksite Insurance

Insurance Worksite or also known as Affinity Groups are the benefits and discounts granted to employees of the company, where they can carry out the contracting of various insurance such as: Automobile Insurance, Residential Insurance, … etc.

These insurances are made available at more affordable prices than those offered by the insurer to an individual customer. Access to this form of benefits is offered by companies that value their greatest assets, and wish to increase engagement, loyalty, happiness, productivity and results.

This benefit spreads the culture of personal and patrimonial protection of employees and their families. It shows that the organization is committed to the quality of life and financial protection of the employee. Whether you have well-attended and satisfied customers, invest in your employees.

Providing insurance for employees as a form of benefits is a great action to increase levels of collaboration between company and employee. Companies that help take care of the safety of workers’ lives tend to be the most successful in terms of employee happiness and motivation.

Now that you know different ways to offer benefits to your team members, you can evaluate case by case and choose the insurance that makes the most sense for your company.

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